domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Medicos para la Familia

"Medicos para la Familia is a bilingual medical practice as described under the Medicos para la Familia is a bilingual medical practice as described under the philosophy of Advanced Family Medicine Specialists ( Wm. Rodney MD, Rickey Carson M.D., Juana Hernandez
M.D., Damion Hardison M.D. and others provide Spanish-speaking health care services with special emphasis on women's health care, care of children, office based emergency medicine, and cancer prevention.
Established in 1999, Medicos was the first completely bilingual medical practice in Memphis. Nashville-Medicos, with Conchita Martinez MD and others, is the only FAMILY MEDICINEob service in Nashville.
Opened in 2004, the Nashville office serves over a 1000 patients a month. Medicos combines traditional activities of patient care, community service, education, and scholarship.
An FP/OB fellowship is directed by Wm. MacMillan Rodney, M.D., in alliance with the University of Arkansas-Jonesboro, and Oklahoma State University Osteopathic College in Tulsa.
Additional GI endoscopy experience is provided as an elective through collaboration with Lee Berkenstock M.D. Assistant Professor of Family Medicine in Memphis. For those considering underserved communities with some teaching, this fellowship represents a blend of FAMILY MEDICINE-ob-er and real world practice management.
Fellows spend 1-2 days/week in a rural high volume OB experience. Medicos graduates have had options ranging from academics to rural practice and international medicine.
Advanced Family Medicine Specialists provided consultation services for a business plan which funds the mission. Ten family physicians have hospital privileges for normal obstetrics with several more performing Cesareans. The practices work with the Camellia Foundation in support of medical students, underserved resident rotations, international medicine, and FP/OB or FM/EM fellowships. We thank all of those who have supported this mission "on the road less traveled"Philosophy of Advanced Family Medicine Specialists ("

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